Philosophy Gyms

PhilosophyGyms are at the heart of what we do. They start by identifying the philosophy that gets us into existential knots, and then explores alternatives that can open up unseen possibilities. They are spaces in which asking the big questions about live are in the centre and most importantly, where they don’t stay in our heads but are practiced consistently – just like a good workout.


We envision a future in which philosophy-gyms are institutionalised: in schools, universities, and work places. We advocate for making philosophy-gyms available for everyone.

Philosophical Advisory

Many organizations aspire to adopt regenerative business practices, yet they find themselves entangled in a broader system that often conflicts with these principles as well as a lack of knowledge what the principles are. Our solution involves two key components:
(1) Providing philosophical guidance in navigating seemingly insurmountable challenges.
(2) Assisting in the development of regenerative business principles rooted in a philosophy that prioritizes relational dynamics, post-human perspectives, systems thinking, and eco-feminist approaches.

Philosophical Counselling

The roots symbolize our collective and individual inner lives. The philosopher and integral theorist Ken Wilber defines the collective inner as the shared or collective aspects of consciousness that are common to groups, cultures, or societies. It encompasses the collective beliefs, values, norms, symbols, myths, and worldviews that shape the shared identity and experience of a community or society. These collective inner dimensions of consciousness are often expressed through cultural practices, rituals, traditions, and institutions.

The individual inner refers to the subjective, psychological, and spiritual dimensions of consciousness experienced by individuals. It encompasses the thoughts, emotions, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, and spiritual experiences that constitute an individual’s inner life.

Just like roots nourish and inform the tree, our collective and individual inner lives nourish and inform how we behave and what we create in the world. And as roots anchor the tree in the world, our inner lives anchor us when our outer part is subjected to circumstantial turmoil, helping us to show up even when the rain is heavy.


If you are looking for a speaker at your event, please contact us so we find the best fit. Our topics revolve around how to live a good life, resilience, simplicity, the power of individual action, and understanding complexity all in the context of the Anthropocene.

Research & Writing

You can find our weekly articles around rewilding philosophy here. We are also beginning to publish our findings in peer-reviewed journals. More about that coming soon.